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Digital Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Software, Designed to Power the Enterprise.

Harness the power of complex machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand laws and intuitively identify risks. Increase transparency and compliance efficiency, and collaborate more effectively across your enterprise and extended enterprise.

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A Single SaaS Platform for the Entire Risk Management lifecycle

Alyne equips the Board, CRO’S and those stakeholders responsible for raising risks across the enterprise with an end-to-end Risk Management function. Leverage highly scalable Risk Assessments, intuitive Risk Identification and Reporting, qualitative and quantitative Risk Analysis with a built-in Monte Carlo Simulator, and much more.

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"Alyne empowers risk and assurance professionals to influence behaviour within their organisation."

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Discover New Ways of Simplifying Compliance and Managing Risk

Whether you are at the beginning of your GRC journey, or looking to deploy next-generation governance, risk and compliance capability across your full enterprise environment, Alyne’s cross-industry capabilities are delivered in an all-in-one platform, tailored to your needs.
  • Leverage in-app collaboration, scheduled reminders and customised email templates to ramp up risk and compliance communication across your enterprise.

  • Access Alyne's Library of more than 1200 Controls and Risks, with out-of-the-box policies linked to standards, laws and regulations – Or go further and manage your own standards and policies linked to the Control Framework.

  • Leverage a number of standard integrations, connect bespoke data systems and securely upload and store files in Alyne, secured by hardware cryptography.

  • Measure and monitor levels of compliance within your organisation and across your vendor and partner base with Assessments that can be launched at scale, powered by AI to automatically analyse deviations in compliance maturity.

  • Identify and qualify risks through Assessments, providing instant insight with real-time risk exposure. Power up the Risk Management process with a built in Risk Loss Estimator, and perform real-time Monte Carlo simulations across your portfolio.

  • Easily create, run and manage multi-stage zero code campaigns across your organisation.

Frequently asked questions to guide you…

You don't manage them, we do! And we are happy to report that in the past two years, all updates were made to Alyne without a second of downtime.
Access Alyne’s full capabilities on the same day that you sign up.
Your data is stored in the EU. Any attachments you upload - you decide where they are stored. We adhere to the strictest global standards of privacy & security. All data is protected by the highest levels of security, as demonstrated through our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.
Alyne’s is a subscription-based pricing model with 4 different packages available. Alyne’s content and capabilities within the platform are tailored to suit your unique business needs, each specific package includes a number of user licences.

Ready for Launch?

Prepare for a next-generation capability in managing your cyber, regulatory and compliance requirements. Schedule a time with one of our experts to show you around Alyne.

Awards and Certifications

2017 GRC Innovation Award
UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017

GRC 2020

"Alyne delivers a new breed of an intuitive GRC solution that delivers significant business value and brings a contextual understanding of risk and controls within organizations. In this context, GRC 20/20 has recognized Alyne with a 2017 GRC Innovation Award for the best user experience in IT GRC Management."

Words from our customers

"By the way, the Alyne ISO27001 whitepaper was really helpful for our ISMS deployment, thanks Jeff. The stage 1 auditor was really impressed with the risk register and self-assessment capabilities!"

Corey Rice
Technology Operations Manager | QS Enrolment Solutions

"Alyne has been tremendously helpful in streamlining our supplier due diligence process and managing our risk register in support of our APRA and ISO27001 certification requirements."

Mark Powell

Case Studies

How TrialCard Leveraged Alyne for a Scalable and Risk-Aware Vendor Risk Management Program

TrialCard sought a solution that would enable them to identify, qualify and quantify the risks posed throughout their Vendor Risk Management program. Access the case study to learn how Alyne helped TrialCard successfully implement a scalable and risk-aware Vendor Management process, that was easily understood and efficient for its vendors, too.
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How Alyne Helped GUD Transition From Manual Processes to a Digitised Risk Management Solution

Learn more about how Alyne made it possible for GUD Holdings Limited to successfully transition from manual Risk Management processes to a simplified and digitised solution – aligning them with a leading industry standard control framework, ISO 27001.  
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How Haufe Group found success leveraging Alyne’s Software as a Service for organisation-wide digitalised policy management

Learn more about how Alyne’s easily accessible and interactive platform made it possible for Haufe Group to successfully communicate relevant guidelines.
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New Articles

The Importance of Diversity & Inclusivity in the Workplace

At Alyne we strongly believe in diversity and inclusivity, as they foster creativity and highlight new perspectives in the workplace; translating into innovative ideas that ultimately benefit the organisation. In the last couple of weeks, many countries and companies across the globe have been celebrating and supporting LGBTQ+ Pride bringing awareness to all that has been accomplished in terms of equality, identity and inclusion, and all that is yet to be done. In this article, we analyse the importance of representation in the workplace and we take you through our rebranding decision for the months of June and July.
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Automating Risk Assessments with Alyne

At Alyne, we are focused on providing cyber, compliance and risk professionals, as well as their clients, with next generation technology, expert knowledge and actionable risk insights, powered by Artificial Intelligence, to seamlessly identify, qualify and quantify their risks. Learn how Alyne’s solution will transform your risk assessment process and generate operational efficiencies, while providing your clients with an optimised, personalised and positive digital experience.
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Alyne receives award and recognition as an innovative solution for SMEs, through the Santander X Global Challenge

Alyne's solution has emerged as a winner in the scale-up category for the Santander X Global Challenge for delivering an innovative solution that supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in accelerating their digital transition.
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