Product Features

The Cyber, Governance and Risk Management platform for businesses of the future.

Go beyond messy spreadsheets and endless emails and empower your team with next-generation RegTech software.

Alyne provides your organisation with rich content and unmatched usability to digitalise Cyber Security, Risk Management and Compliance processes.

New product additions in Alyne, designed to make Risk Management even simpler.

Simulations in seconds

Quantifying Risk just got easier

Perform Risk Aggregation in seconds across your risk portfolio with Alyne’s powerful Monte Carlo Simulation engine.

Quantifying risk just got easier

Expert guidance to estimate the cost of your Risks

Placing a figure value on operational risks can be tricky, but in using the FAIR model, Alyne’s Risk Loss Estimate Calculator helps to define an accurate-as-possible estimate cost.

Let machine learning do the risk identification

Let Machine Learning do the risk identification

Identifying risks in Assessment responses can be a pain to sort through, but with machine learning on your side, that process is simplified and made human-proof.

Easier onboarding with in-app guidance

Easier onboarding with in-app guidance

Whether you are just starting with Alyne or simply need assistance, our in-app help articles provide all the guidance you need, intuitive to where you are in Alyne.

Key features

Extensive Control Set Templates

Leverage Alyne’s library of predefined Control Sets for various topics, laws and standards or configure your own custom Controls with just a few clicks. Adapt Alyne’s Control Statements to your organisation’s needs or create new rules as needed.

Simplify workflows

With intuitive navigation and familiar social-media like interactions.

Standards, Laws and Regulations

Linked with each control statement.

Secure evidence

Attach evidence, processes, policies, business continuity plans to objects in Alyne and make them accessible to your organisation with ultra high global availability and industry leading security features. Best of all: You choose which country your documents are stored in.

Learn more about the Topics, Control Set Templates, Standards, Laws and Regulations in Alyne’s Content Library.

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